We Shall Not be Moved.

Hello friend,

Welcome once again to EyesWideOpen's weekly roundup. This week, I had another video banned by YouTube, this time it was my video about the War on Eggs. Egg Truth is just too much for YouTube to handle. It must be suppressed.

Also, I livestreamed the new show, EWO Live! to three new platforms; Twitter, Rumble & Facebook

And I published an interview with Irish Folk Hero Andy Heasman about the uprising in Ireland.

I'll discuss those shortly.

But first, I want to let you know that I've launched a new version of my website.

It's a soft launch, which means I haven't promoted it as it still needs a lot of development. I'll work on it when I have the time but as early adopters of my newsletter and website I hope you can give me some feedback to inspire improvements.

I moved from Squarespace to Ghost.org as the latter is a free-speech platform and if YouTube is anything to go by, Squarespace is a risky platform to invest my energy into. So I made the move to Ghost. It was a pain, and there's still a load of issue to resolve but I'm happier for it.

It's important to note that I'm offering a subscription service for premium content via the new Website. It's still early days but I'll share more details about this later.

This Week's Round-Up

As mentioned earlier, YouTube gave me a strike which prohibits me from uploading or livestreaming for seven days. I received this strike after YouTube removed my video The War on Eggs for the Orwellian censorship term "Medical Misinformation." You can watch The War on Eggs on Rumble.

However, YouTube's loss is Twitter and Rumble's gain. Their attempt to stifle free speech simply forced me to figure out how to livestream on censorship resistant platforms.

So we broadcast EWO Live! on Thursday on Twitter and Rumble for the first time. It was a breakthrough for me as I've now solved some of the production puzzles that were bottlnecking my workflow. Long term I want to publish content every day and the livestream solution might just be the way to do that.

Thursday's episode of EWO Live! was about South Park ruthlessly roasting Harry and Megan, Trump visiting the Ohio disaster site, and Putin's speech about the degeneracy among Western leadership. You can watch that below.

On Saturday I livestreamed on Twitter, Rumble, and Facebook my recorded interview with Irish folk hero Andy Heasman about the inspirational uprising in Ireland. You can watch a rerun of that below.

I'll upload it to YouTube on Tuesday when my ban is up.

In conclusion, YouTube will continue to suppress free speech, so I guess my days are numbered there and I need contingencies.

However, other platforms are emerging as champions of free-speech  where we can publish content exposing the crimes of The Regime and where you can consume it.

So, in light of the threat of censorship the best way we can stay connected is via this newsletter. They can ban me from all platforms, but they can't take away my mailing list.

Next Week's Schedule

EWO Live! returns on Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm. It's a digest of the hottest stories of the day. You can help me choose the content by making your voice heard in our telegram page where I post a poll of the best topics to choose from.

Next week EWO Live! will be livestreamed from YouTube, Rumble, Twitter, Facebook and maybe Telegram.  

In addition, EyesWideOpen podcast will publish an interview on YouTube and Rumble towards the end of the week. I may or may not livestream it, I've not decided yet, and the guest will be confirmed on Monday.

Tune in and get involved.


I'd like to thank all the new members who signed up for the newsletter last week. Signing up for the newsletter automatically makes you a member of my website.

I have a paid membership option available but it's still in development. I hope to have it ready to launch within a couple of weeks, a month at most. I will offer quality premium content for paid subscribers that will power the project and allow me to continue to make the bulk of my work free for all to enjoy.

You can choose to subscribe to the premium now, which will encourage me to launch it, or hang on until I announce it's ready via this newsletter. You support is greatly appreciated.

This Week I Learnt

  • Andy Heasman reminded me that one person with enough courage and commitment can change the world. Never give up, never ever submit to tyranny.
  • The power of The Regime calling dissenters "Far-Right" is beginning to wane as people become aware that it's simply a tool of tyrants to oppress free speech.
  • Eggs are a superfood that they want to take away from you. Therefore, do the opposite of what The Regime tell you. Eat eggs. Eat raw eggs. Eat lots of them.


As always I can't do any of this without your support. If you found this message valuable, please share it with others and encourage them to sign up as a subscriber, and consider a paid subscription in the future. Thanks for your time and attention.

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions by replying to this email or email me at:

“A small group of determined and like-minded people can change the course of history.” — Mahatma Gandhi"

Until next time friend,





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