Why They Don’t Want Us Eating Meat and the Diet Rabbit Hole with Padriac UK Carnivore | #063

Why They Don’t Want Us Eating Meat and the Diet Rabbit Hole with Padriac UK Carnivore | #063

"Processed food makes processed people" - Padriac

Padriac (@TheCarnivoreUK) is a secondary school teacher whose life transformed once he switched his diet from the standard Western version to a carnivore diet consisting of animal products only.

In this episode, we develop our conversation from our last podcast and talk more about the carnivore diet and why the war on meat is a recipe for disaster. You can watch our previous chat here.

In Part 1, we tuck into the diet rabbit hole, salivate about the unprecedented attack on meat, and get our teeth stuck into how and why carbs have been forced upon society for millennia and the dire health consequences.


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Connect with Laurence:

Show Notes

Highlights we cover include:

00:00:00   Intro
00:01:21   Padriac’s journey
00:02:36   Red pill awakening
00:04:21   The diet rabbit hole
00:06:06   Agricultural revolution
00:08:06   The human digestive system
00:08:36   Omnivore or carnivore?
00:10:16   What is a hypercarnivore?
00:11:26   Carbs forced on the population
00:12:06   Brain size and meat
00:14:00   Industrial factory farming
00:14:55   Chicken and chicken breast issues
00:16:00   The problem with seed oils
00:18:40   Counterfeit olive oil industry
00:19:00   Meat eating and beef production in Ireland
00:23:31   Who is the herd?
00:24:20   The Great Reset diet and war on meat
00:26:06   Vegan diets for children
00:31:12   School dinners in schools
00:34:12   Jamie Oliver and Turkey Twizzlers!
00:35:58   Raw milk and Louis Pasteur

In Part 2, premium content for members only, we talk about real actionable solutions, the carnivore diet and other practical health tips you can apply to enhance your life and well-being.

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00:00:50  Beef - what’s the score?
00:01:15  Difference between grass-fed and grain-fed beef
00:01:55  Why does grain fatten a cow?
00:02:20  Supermarket greenwashing – what to look out for
00:05:25  Steps to introduce a carnivore diet
00:07:00   The addictive hold carbs have over us
00:09:45  How much meat should you eat on a carnivore diet?
00:12:35   Buying beef in bulk and talking to your local butcher
00:14:20   Pasture for life
00:15:00   Approach for people with auto-immune conditions
00:18:00   The low down on raw meat
00:21:00   Returning to our natural ancestral roots
00:21:44   Benefits of grounding and how to do it
00:29:30   Impact of alcohol and coffee
00:32:30   Is caffeine good for you?
00:34:50   Dopamine – what to look out for
00:36:09   Coffee shop shocks
00:38:40   Carnivore MEAT ups


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