Uncover How to Live a Free and Sovereign Life

Uncover How to Live a Free and Sovereign Life
Successfully navigate the esoteric world of personal sovereignty, understand the underlying philosophy and put it into unstoppable action on your pathway to optimum health, wealth, and freedom.

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  • Do you feel trapped in a corrupt system, tied down by extortionate debt and insane bureaucracy, and are concerned about an increasingly dystopian-looking future?
  • Perhaps you’re fearful that everything you own, cherish, and love might one day be unlawfully taken, and you yearn for stability, security and a better way of living?
  • Or maybe you sense deep down that something doesn’t feel right, you want more freedom and personal autonomy, improved well-being and vitality, but you lack sufficient knowledge of your fundamental rights, common law and alternative optimum health hacks?
Wherever you are right now
You are not alone, weary traveller

The good news is, you CAN break free

You are your own sovereign being with power beyond measure.

But this knowledge has cruelly been hidden from you, robbing you of your power, saddling you with debt and living a fearful and unfulfilled life – that you then pass down onto the next generation.

They don't want you to know the truth.

But I do.

Imagine then for a moment if you could break free from the chains that enslave you and achieve your full potential.

  • How good it would feel if, instead of involuntarily handing over an exorbitant chunk of your hard-earned income to leeches and the parasite classes, you were shown the pathway to true financial independence and wealth.

  • How great it would be if, instead of being emotionally drained, worn down, and not knowing where to turn, you had full access to a wealth of knowledge and tools that you could apply to not only boost your vitality, brainpower, and ability to thrive but transform your life from slave to sovereign.

  • Imagine benefitting from the powerful knowledge that you do not need to cower in fear from an oppressive control system, that you have the power without and within to live as a free and sovereign human being.

All this and more is possible with Sovereign Life Coaching.

Eyes Wide Open

I know where you are right now because I’ve been there too.  

Anxious. Unsure of my rights. Fearful of overbearing governments and out-of-control corporations constantly abusing their enormous power.

That was until I discovered the big difference between ‘law’ and ‘legal fiction’ and how the elite underlords use their underhand tricks to rob us of our power, coerce and condemn us to a life of subservience.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

I have been pushing back against the tyranny of the Orwellian world we live in for a long time now. As a result, I have built up a valuable arsenal of tools and lived experience that I can now put to good use, helping you become independent and live in accordance with natural law.

I have stood up against the system and successfully challenged the state and corporations many times. I’ve spent years fighting the greedy banksters, lying politicians, corrupt local councils, co-opted police and bailiffs in the courts and defending unlawful evictions up and down the country.

I have unique experience through thousands of hours of in-depth research, study and practice. And these are the tools and techniques I can share with you so you are no longer enslaved by the system.

Live free, decimate debt, and take the road to true wealth and prosperity

Breaking the illusion
Photo by Giorgio Trovato / Unsplash

The sad truth is, almost nobody ever fights back against the system.

The illusion that they wield all the power is so fearsome that conceding is the option that almost everyone takes.

The path of least resistance.

In turn, we grant the state a monopoly on violence, but few people know how to use the system to their advantage and restore their inalienable rights and liberty.

I’m here to show you how.

With this knowledge that has been hidden from you, I can help you boost your business, overcome debilitating creative, health or personal challenges, and set you on the path to true health, wealth, and sovereignty.

I can help you make sense of your narrative and how you can become an active protagonist of your own story rather than being a victim in someone else’s.

“If you can’t enforce your rights, you don’t have any.”

After working with me, you'll gain a deep understanding of the philosophy of sovereignty, the tools and techniques that can be applied to gain the experience you need to truly understand it, and transform your life from slave to sovereign.

I help you take the first step towards true financial independence.

And for those seeking to protect their property and assets from the rapacious pirates who constantly seek to rob them, I provide expert advice on setting up trusts and understanding the common law and civil law to know how to enforce your fundamental rights and freedoms.

So you can live a sovereign life without fear!

But that's not all.

I can also show you why, how and where to buy gold and silver, a key component of any solid wealth preservation strategy, especially in a fragile fiat economy on the brink of collapse.

I also offer guidance on everything from obtaining a second passport and residency in other countries to setting up international bank accounts and foreign-based companies.

Don’t sit back and let other people write the story of your life. Become sovereign and take back control.

Lifting the veil so you can have a clear path to sovereignty

Here are just some of the key areas I can help you navigate:

  • Chattel Mortgages to protect personal property.
  • Tenancy Agreement Gambit.
  • Create a New Strawman.
  • Formation of Trusts and Wills to secure your estate.
  • Statutory Declarations to protect your common law rights.
  • Asset protection through Gold & Silver without being taxed to oblivion.
  • Understand Contracts and Agreements to assert your power.
  • Foreign residency.
  • Challenge unlawful taxes.
  • How to go self-employed and use Limited Companies for your benefit.  
  • International companies and bank accounts.
  • Accommodation address for vehicles and other property.
  • Utilise Private Member Associations.
  • Set up a Church!

But the list doesn’t end there.

At the core, I help you with your most important asset – your sovereign self.

That’s why you should take action now to protect all your assets, including your living, breathing body, which is your most important asset and the one that the cabal in charge at the top of the pyramid of power are moving ever closer to unlawfully taking full control over.

In fact, at the heart of it, what they covet the most is your very soul - and those of your nearest and dearest!

Fortunately, the philosophy of sovereignty is within your reach, and I can help you make it a reality.

Let's work together to unlock your true potential.

Finally, something that really is ‘Safe and Effective’!
Don’t delay
Coaching slots are limited.


What’s the application process?

When you apply, you’ll be directed to a short questionnaire where you’ll be asked to provide a few brief details about yourself in the strictest confidence.

Why do I need to make an application?

As my coaching slots are in high demand and my availability is in short supply, I can only work with a limited number of people.

This short application process will help me assess if we are a good fit, weed out the time wasters and trolls, and help establish the best way I can help you.

Do you offer group coaching?

Yes. This can be arranged on an ad-hoc basis depending on the specifics involved.

How long is each session?

Sessions are weekly, and each session lasts one hour.

How many sessions can I book in advance?

You can book up to 6 sessions in advance.

Why are you doing this?

I want to pay forward the essential esoteric and occulted knowledge I have learned over my lifetime from many teachers and personal experiences, so we can create our own system as a powerful network of sovereign beings working to make ourselves and the world a better, safer and even more amazing place.

Warning – Don’t apply for Sovereign Life Coaching if:
  • You don’t intend to apply the knowledge – if you know the truth but willingly ignore it, this can have critical karmic consequences!
  • You are happy and living a prosperous life within the current debt-based slave system and don’t want to know the truth about who really runs the world and how they do it.
  • You don’t mind outsourcing your authority, taking zero responsibility for your life (and your family’s), lack the ability to think critically and like being gaslit and bullied.
  • You are uncomfortable with having pretty much all of your illusions and preconceptions shattered into a thousand pieces.

What other freedom warriors are saying:

"The coaching I received from Laurence was instrumental in helping me achieve my goals. He provided me with valuable insights, strategies, and tools to overcome obstacles and make progress towards my desired outcomes. I felt supported and motivated throughout the coaching process, which enabled me to stay focused and make positive changes in my life.

I would highly recommend Sovereign Life Coaching to anyone in need of coaching services. Whether you're looking to make a career change, improve your relationships, or develop new skills, the coaching you'll receive here is top-notch. Thank you for the wonderful experience and for helping me achieve my goals." - James Reed, CEO Wellsure International Corporation Ltd.

Don’t give the self-appointed technocratic underlords dominion over your life
Don’t be someone’s subject, be a Sovereign
Take back your agency now and forever


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