What They Don't Want You To Know About Mortgages with Bank Slayer Lisa Tanner| Pt1. #055

What They Don't Want You To Know About Mortgages with Bank Slayer Lisa Tanner| Pt1. #055

"I've come across quite a new piece of information, which is very powerful for residential mortgages, especially as it's based around the same principle that they've sold your mortgage. They sell the mortgage to a special purpose vehicle (SPV), and quite often, these entities are not regulated under the FCA. Which to the average borrower means the  SPV can't charge you the interest they've been adding to the mortgage. Therefore you can claim those payments back, which for some people be quite substantial." - Lisa Tanner

Lisa Tanner (@lisa.tanner) is a Legal Title investigator extraordinaire who resolves disputes between mortgage holders and the banks.

In this episode, I catch up with Lisa to find out about her latest adventures in bank slaying. This is not the first time Lisa has been on Eyes Wide Open; her first podcast interview was, not unsurprisingly, given the subject matter, very popular. You can view it here.

In Part 1, we go over what’s currently happening in legal land, the mortgage scam, the monopoly board and how it all really works.

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Connect with Laurence:

Show Notes

Highlights we cover include:

   00.04.08   Exposing the mortgage scam
 00.05.44   The false presumption that the bank owns the mortgage
 00.08.57   How to start a bank, create a trust and register a legal charge
 00.12.17    Peer-to-peer finance – what is it?
 00.12.36   Reactions from UK judges
 00.14.43   Pushing against the scam
 00.21.40   Laurence’s case and delay tactics
 00.23.55   The Power of Remedy
 00.25.23   The Game of Monopoly
 00.25.50   IGOs and NGOs – what are they?
 00.26.10   Grassroots solutions
 00.30.05   Chartered companies and corporate overlay
 00.34.24   Square mile of London
 00.36.01   Parliament island
 00.40.39   Sovereignty & The King
 00.43.33   Lisa’s hidden talent!

In Part 2, premium content for members only, we talk about the real actionable solutions, and what YOU can do to break free of the system. We really get down into the nitty gritty. In a virtual masterclass from Lisa that you are not going to want to miss, we cover:

 00.01.12    Shocking new info about residential mortgages
 00.04.03   How to reach a settlement
 00.05.41   Land Registry charge – what you can do
 00.06.36   Companies House, LTD companies & trusts
 00.09.55   Grey areas in the law
 00.10.21    Layers of protection to put in place
 00.11.06   Onshore anonymous
 00.13.05   Getting past the bank barrier – tools for the common man
 00.13.33   Benefits of public private partnership
 00.16.40   Primary & Secondary banking
 00.18.51   The charity route solution
 00.23.59   Funding to fail
 00.25.26   Finding value in other things
 00.26.23   What to do if your home is at risk
 00.36.24   Future title search livestream

Part 2

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