MEN’S HEALTH: Fight back in the war on testosterone and get your mojo back with Dobrynja from Primal Thrive |  #061

MEN’S HEALTH: Fight back in the war on testosterone and get your mojo back with Dobrynja from Primal Thrive | #061

"Fasting resets everything.  If nothing can help you, then the only solution is to fast. Fasting is the first type of medicine. Because if you don't have any tools, no supplements, no herbs, the only thing you can do is drink water and fast." - Dobrynja

On this episode, I’m joined by Men’s Health Coach Dobrynja  (@PrimalBrah) from Primal Thrive. Dobrynja has helped 300+ men reclaim high testosterone, reverse hair loss, and cure erectile dysfunction. On the show, he shares his expertise on men’s health and testosterone and gives practical advice and tips on what you can do to improve your health, well-being and your love life!

In Part 1, we talk about the collapse in testosterone levels, why it’s happening, signs and symptoms of low testosterone, TRT, the power of fasting and Leaky Gut Syndrome.


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Show Notes

  • 00:00:00   Intro
  • 00:02:30   The collapse of testosterone in men
  • 00:03:00   How Dobrynja discovered the power of testosterone
  • 00:05:20   Why testosterone levels are collapsing
  • 00:09:00   Microplastics in the food chain – what’s the answer?
  • 00:10:30   Endocrine disruptors and symptoms
  • 00:13:00   Prevention
  • 00:16:35   How to detox
  • 00:17:59   Healing diet vs maintenance diet
  • 00:19:00   RFK Jr and TRT
  • 00:23:45   History and benefits of fasting
  • 00:27:30   Testosterone and fasting
  • 00:28:33   How best to break a fast
  • 00:33:58   Side effects of TRT
  • 00:40:22   What is Leaky Gut Syndrome and impact on testosterone?
  • 00:44:00   Benefits of fasting in nature

In Part 2, premium content for members only, we talk about real actionable solutions, tools and practices, what you can do to boost your testosterone levels, enhance your quality of life and thrive – and how to make your balls bigger!

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  • 00:01:10   Baseline – where to start
  • 00:01:55   What blood tests to ask for and why?
  • 00:05:40   Types of tests to ask for
  • 00:12:00   What to do with blood panel
  • 00:15:00   Why bro-science is the best science
  • 00:17:50   Peptides – Homeopathy of organs
  • 00:21:38   Other methods to deploy
  • 00:22:59   5 levels of stress
  • 00:24:23   Importance of brotherhood & tobacco smoking
  • 00:26:00   Why governments try to ban smoking
  • 00:30:40   Smoking, cancer and treatment
  • 00:32:20   How to grow bigger balls
  • 00:34:00   Optimum testosterone diet
  • 00:35:00   B12 and how best to get it
  • 00:38:00   The importance of Vitamin D and the different ways to get it


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