I Do Not Consent and Real Money with Graham Moore | Pt1. #056

I Do Not Consent and Real Money with Graham Moore | Pt1. #056

"If you choose to abrogate your right to vote, you're in tacit agreement with whatever government has been elected. They tell us we are governed by consent. If you stay at home and you don't vote, you are giving up your right to vote and abrogating your right to vote. Anyone who says any different doesn't understand the law." - Graham Moore

Graham Moore (@grahamHmoore) is a highly knowledgeable and accomplished legal professional who has dedicated over three decades to the study of common law and the English constitution, leading to him being one of the founders of the English Constitution Party.  

His expertise in these areas has led to numerous successful cases, including a notable achievement of obtaining an injunction against the British Government issued by the European Court of Human Rights.

One of Graham Moore's defining qualities is his profound appreciation for the historical context of the rule of law. He firmly believes that under the Anglo-Saxon tradition, the rule of law was not merely a legal principle but an integral way of life.

According to him, democracy should be viewed as an "event" within that broader life governed by the rule of law. With a deep commitment to upholding the principles of the English Constitution, Moore passionately advocates for the idea that the Constitution itself holds the key to resolving various societal challenges, firmly asserting that "The Constitution is the Solution."

In Part 1, we talk about Graham's new project, "Spoil the Ballot", in which he argues that rather than give up your vote through demoralisation, spoil it instead.

In Part 2, we discuss the power and value of becoming your own private bank by using gold and silver. More details are in the show notes below.


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Show Notes

Highlights we cover include:

00:00:00   Intro
00:03:29   Why the party political system is deliberately demoralising
00:06:35   History of the modern voting system and your suffrage
00:11:00    Power of spoiling the ballot paper and what to write
00:16:00   Local Elections and why they matter
00:19:35   The goal of the spoiled ballot
00:25:35   The English Constitutional Party vs the other parties
00:27:35   Power of “I do not consent”
00:30:00  Deep dive on consent
00:34:04   Why three, six and nine hold the key to the universe
00:38:56   The three estates of the realm
00:40:22   Difference between monarchy and republic
00:44:50   How parliament became “sovereign”
00:47:26   Is it time for an English Republic?
00:48:13   The emergence of the British
00:50:26   Key takeaway from Part 1

In Part 2, premium content for members only, we talk about the real actionable solutions, what YOU can do to help solve the monetary monopoly and become your own banker. We talk about cash, currency, and gold, as well as real-world remedies to enforce your rights with common law defence. We also reveal what Graham brought to the studio in his swag bag!

You’re not going to want to miss part two!

00:01:28   Creation of the Bank of England
00:01:43   How to become your own private banker
00:01:53   What you need to understand about cash and currency
00:03:00  The real role of the banker
00:03:21   What’s in Graham’s swag bag – the big reveal
00:04:20  The power of the guinea (coin)
00:07:17   What to tell a court judge if asked about your rights
00:11:05   Gold and keeping the Government’s hands off what’s yours
00:12:39   Bitcoin – the questions you need to be asking
00:18:13   The history of coin clipping
00:27:08   How and where to buy gold
00:38:33   Remedies for redress and how to enforce your rights
00:41:56   Common law defence plus inspiring court case
00:52:33   The key message to take back your personal sovereignty
00:53:12   Constitutional Freedom Convention

Part 2

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