Courage is Contagious and the Return of the Patriarchy with Evelyn Rae  | #054

Courage is Contagious and the Return of the Patriarchy with Evelyn Rae | #054

Part 1



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In this episode, I catch up with Evelyn Rae, former Australian Police Detective turned beef cattle farmer and conservative political writer/podcast host at This is not the first time Evelyn has been on Eyes Wide Open, you can catch our earlier show here.

In Part 1, we discuss what’s really going on in Australia with mRNA technology, the future of King Charles III's reign, the power of patriarchy, and the pushback of various globalist agendas.

Highlights we cover include:

00.03.37   Transition of conventional vaccines to mRNA in Australia
00.04.46   Trial mRNA vaccines administered to livestock since 2018
00.09.59   mRNA rumours, misinformation and food fear porn
00.18.05   What is mRNA technology?
00.22.20   Charles III – Common Law and what it means to be a real Warrior King
00.30.00   Courage is contagious!
00.34.12   Evelyn’s take on King Charles III and the future of the monarchy
00.38.20   Push back – the snake is eating its own tail
00.42.08   Power of the patriarchy
00.44.49   People beginning to speak out
00.47.00   Evelyn’s interest in serial killers and solving cold cases!

In Part 2, premium content for members only, we talk about the solutions, what you can do to thrive and how you can resist. We cover food sovereignty, self-sufficiency, community, sourcing food ‘farm to plate’ and the power of good, courageous and not just hungry, but ‘hangry’ men and much more.

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Highlights we cover include:

00.56.25   Self-sufficiency is the way forward–why food is now poison to control us
00.58.00  Back Yard Farming and The Eggs Benedict Option
01.01.00   Who to network with (plus the things you need and why)
01.04.00   Rabbits and sheep
01.12.18    How to regain food sovereignty
01.16.00   How to connect with farmers (and the right questions to ask)
01.17.44    The importance of fodder for your livestock
01.22.11    Why you will love keeping chickens
01.28.17    The problems with a vegan world and black magic food!
01.33.33   Changing the hearts of men, courage culture and why politics begins at home

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