Normal Service Resumed.

Normal Service Resumed.

Hey Friend,

I needed a break from the podcast for a couple of weeks as I had a million other chores to take care of. Not least the new Merch shop on Gumroad where you'll be able to support the project by acquring our super cool T-shirts and other apparel, which will be available very soon (we're just waiting on the samples to arrive!).

Also, our Sovereign Life Coaching page is now live the site, which took a bit of time to set up. You can see that here.


The Podcast is back next week. In addition to some solo podcasts i'll do myself we have some cool guests lined up for your enjoyment and entertainment.

Coming up

  • Darren of Plymouth to discuss his campaign as an Independent during the Plymough local elections, his latest research on the Covid scandal and some personal stories about being a host at TNT radio.
  • Evelyn Rae former Australian police detective turned beef farmer and activst, returns to the show to report on the latest developments from the front line in Prison Island!
  • Hrvoje Moric host of the excellent podcast Geopolitics and Empire, who will join us to share his insights into the Great Reset and what he's learnt from over 100 podcasts on the topic of our planned distopian future.
  • Lisa Tanner after popular demand, Lisa is back to share more info from her battle on the front lines of the Mortgage scam as we learn more about how the banks sell the mortgage to offshore parties that don't have the legal standing to bring actions for possesion against Mortgagees.

I will annonce more as they confirm, and I'm also grateful for any guest suggestions that you might have. Pro-tip if you send me a suggestion a contact address is massively helpful.

Latest Content

I have two videos to share since the last newsletter.

First is a solo podcast from me about the history of Usury in England, how that led to the Bank of England and how the Bank of England led to the Opium Wars.

And an interview with Darko Velcek about all kinds of cutting edge health info; fasting, structured water, plasma, the quantum field, optimum human diets and how to understand disease to be able to cure it.

That's all for this week.

If you want to support my work and want access to all our premium content, please consider taking out a subscription so that we can continue to grow the content. Independent content creators can only surivive with your support.

If you know anyone that would benefit from my content please share this email with them.

Until next time friend, stay cool, stay free.

Loz x



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