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Hi, I'm Loz.  Join my "EyesWideOpen" membership programme  and together we'll produce films, podcasts, livestreams, books, newsletters, longform essays, retreats, & more.

One of the main reasons to join the programme is so I can keep producing work that is freely available to the public, so that we can continue our mission to enlighten as many people as possible.

But members also get access to members-only newsletters, pdfs with tools and procedures, private livestreams and group zooms for Q&A and collaboration, and a load of other assets for your personal developments.

You can support our programme as a ...


  • members-only newsletter.
  • members-only collabrative Livestream, group chat zoom, etc.
  • full access to archive (see below)


  • members-only telegram group.
  • 40% discount for Sovereign Mindset Course.
  • 30% discount for Live Events.
  • 20% discount on Merch.
  • plus future discount on new courses and live events.


  • plus an opportunity to join my team and collaborate
  • plus a massive thanks for the support.
  • Contact me directly for this option:

What you get when you join

Hello potential EyesWideOpen member ...

As of March 2023 you will be one of our founding members in what we hope will be a lifetime project. I will develop the perks over time, of course adding and deleting as my membership advise or demand. What you will find below is our initial offerings.

The difference is perks is that YEARLY & LIFETIME members get big discounts on our courses, live events and merch (all yet to be launched but your membership will help speed up that process significantly).YEARLY members also get access to our private telegram group. Finally, MONTHLY members dont get the discount but do get access to all of the assets in the list below:

  • Members-only EyesWideOpen newsletter & archives
  • Members-only "Sunday Chillstream" livestream (including archives) - an unplanned livestream where I bring in members to the stream for a cozy chat. We can discuss your projects, and collaborate.
  • Members-only launch events + archives - first refusal on premieres of Documentaries and Live Events.
  • Members-only film and video archives.
  • Members-only guest lectures.
  • Digital copies of some (Pdf) course and personal development handouts.
  • Acess to all other content in our archives.

Yearly and Lifetime members also get big discount on courses, live events and merch along with discounts on future products or services. Most Yearly members get the cost of the membership back in discounts.

What your membership powers

Other than the premium content described above, you memberhsip supports the production of the content listed below which is free to everyone. Being able to continue to make this content free is why I started the EyesWideOpen membership programme. This is what you support;

  • EyesWide weekly newsletter - a roundup of all my content and snippets of my musings from the week.
  • Pop-up newsletter - An impromptu mailout of ideas, events or announcements that cant wait until the weekly newsletter.
  • EyesWideOpen Podcast - weekly interviews with redpilled experts.
  • EyesWideOpen Live - weekly livestream covering the most important topics of the week.

As it's just the beginning of the EyesWideOpen membership programme its hard to say whether we'll be able to generate enough power to keep all of the above going. I'm looking forward to testing the experiment and with your support and collaboration I'm sure it will be a success. Thank you.

Members Testimonials

As YOU will be our first members, I have no testimonials to present yet. You will be the first adoptors and with any luck I will be able keep you long enough to give me a postitive review!

Stay tuned i'll update this section soon.

Contact me direct if you have any questions regarding membership (or anything else)



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