This is Not a Drill!

This is Not a Drill!

Hello friend,

Apologies for the late newsletter this week – I've had a whirlwind of activity, publishing three podcasts and attending the unforgettable Roger Waters concert in Lisbon. I'm excited to share my experiences and thoughts with you, so let's dive in!

EWO Live! News-stream Returns

It was great to restart the EWO live news-stream last week. I had to take a week off because I had friends and family visiting from UK. They were on holiday so you're expected to be on holiday too!

We focused on one topic, the collapse Silicon Valley Bank. As you can see from the episode it is a subject I feel very passionate about and believe that central banking is the central problem we face. I really enjoyed the simplicity of one topic and may do that again. The chat with the audience at the end was great too. His energy engagement thanks.

Here's the video:

The Sovereign Mind

Sovereign Mind is developing nicely too. Last week we discussed diet and nutrition from the perspective of Sovereign status. Is there really objective truth when it comes to the optimum human diet or are we still missing a big piece of the puzzle? Tune in and find out ...

EyesWideOpen Podcast with Dr. David Cartland

Finally, I recorded a great interview with Dr. David Cartland. David is a highly qualified NHS GP who was heavily sanctioned during Covid for questioning the science. I published it on YouTube but they deleted it after 12 hrs, gave me a second strike (I was still on one strike due to the war on eggs video) which prevents me from uploading on YouTube for 2 weeks and informed me that if I get another strike within the next 90 days they will delete my channel permanently.

Of all the videos I've posted recently, it was one with an NHS GP that got the hit. That alone should tell you that we're over the target. But this poses a challenge for me moving forward. I'm on thin ice with YT so may not upload anything for 90 days and just use the other channels. I dunno.

You can see the Dr. Cartland episode on Rumble below:

Roger Waters

When my friend Paul Langton sent me a message on Facebook offering a spare ticket for Roger Waters in Lisbon, I couldn't resist, as I was just 2.5 hours away in Algarve.

Growing up in Liverpool & Kirkby, Pink Floyd was a huge part of our lives, even more so than the Beatles. We'd bunk school, smoke dope, and listen to Floyd, which made them my all-time favorite band.

I eagerly awaited the opening night of Roger Waters' farewell tour, "This is Not a Drill," at Lisbon's Altice Arena. With fond memories of an unforgettable Hyde Park gig 20 years ago, I had high expectations, and the concert didn't disappoint.

Waters, a Pink Floyd co-founder, displayed his mastery throughout the show. The cross-shaped stage, set design, lighting, immersive sound, and giant LED screens provided a spectacular experience.

Waters is known for his political stances. While I admire his courage in speaking out for Palestinians and against the war in Ukraine, some statements felt cliched and dated. However, I understand the complexity of his public position.

At 79, Waters delivered a phenomenal performance, proving that age is just a number. The concert lasted over 2 hours, and he seemed ready for more. This might be the last chance to witness his genius live, and you don't have to be a Pink Floyd fan to appreciate the artistry. It's a transcendent experience showcasing the universal power of music.

For an even more enhanced experience, consider bringing some mushrooms along for the ride, you wont regret it.

Book Club

Film Club

  • I watched Fight Club for the first time in years. I didn't know why I chose until I watched it and clearly it's from the same line of Nietzschean thought as Bronze Age Mindset and conveys Nietzsche's perspective that the decline of Western civilization towards mediocrity has been ongoing since the traditional Christian values underwent self-destruction. It's mad how deep Nietzsche thought penetrates into modern society. He's everywhere! Fight Club is an excellent film and well worth rewatching.
  • Special mention goes to Looking for the Diamonds which is a short film made by a contemporary of mine James Slater (he directed the Coral's music videos after me) about one of my old friends Joel Goldberg and his incredible struggle to stay alive after 4 kidneys failed him. Its an inspirationals story with sublime filmmaking. A must watch.


All in all it was an interesting  week last week. I hit my goal of publishing three podcasts but was bittersweet as YouTube reminded us that censorship is alive and well and gives me some real problems to overcome. Also Roger Waters gig was an exceptional experience. I feel really positive about the future.

This week is my last week in Portugal so despite my ambitions to publish at the same frequency as last week I have a lot of loose ends to tie up so might fall a bit short!

So far, this is the plan...

Coming Up This Week.

  • Tue 7pm: EWO Live News-stream
  • Wed:  EyesWideOpen with Raw Egg Nationalist (but might cancel this as we dont have YT for two weeks)
  • Thu 7pm: Sovereign Mind: How public oathes are essential to a high trust society.

Tune in to the Livestreams on Facebook, Twitter & Rumble and show your support by subscribing on your favourite platforms.

Finally ...

Sovereign Mind Coaching

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Until next time friend,

Loz x

"Your enemies want you powerless, afraid, and isolated. It's time to awaken your inner barbarian and break free from their chains of control." - Bronze Age Mindset



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