Darren Denslow | The Illusion of Choice: Democracy and the Tyranny of the Minority | EWO#052

Darren Denslow | The Illusion of Choice: Democracy and the Tyranny of the Minority | EWO#052

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Joining me today for another action packed episode is Darren Denslow, host of Digging Deeper on TNT Radio, a free-speech internet radio platform spreading truth around the world, former science teacher, chemist and Weapons procurer for UK's nuclear arsenal.

In Part 1 we discuss Darren's latest run for public office after he challenged the Uniparty in Plymouth by running as an independent councillor in the May local elections. Darren platform was to generate awareness of the 15 min city gulags and give some much needed pushback against the dominance of the uni-party in the UK.

We chat about the failure of Democracy across the West, the lack of solutions on the table and what the future holds for UK in the coming general election.

In Part 2, for members of my site, we talk about things that would be normally censored like excess deaths, the vaccine as a weapon of mass destruction, the War in Ukraine as a proxy of the Woke demons trying to destroy Trad Russia and other epoch changing Psyops wages against the people.

Darren is a committed researcher of the Truth and pulls no punches sharing what he has learnt about the true nature of our societies.

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