Iconic Liverpool Street Photographer Rob Bremner Shares his Photos | EyesWideOpen #040

Iconic Liverpool Street Photographer Rob Bremner Shares his Photos | EyesWideOpen #040

Rob Bremner is a Documentary Photographer who left the small town of Wick in the far North of Scotland to persue his dreams of being a photographer. He landed in Liverpool where through divine providence he became a protoge of legendary photographers Tom Wood & Marin Parr.

But Rob had his own ideas and went on to capture some of the most iconic images of Liverpool in the 1980's and 1990's during a time when northern Britain, especially Liverpool were ground into the dirt by a heartless Tory government Regime.

In this episode we take a journey back in time to look over and discuss some of Rob's most iconic images.


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:02:44 - Making a Cultural Impact Through Photography.
00:05:52 - Photo #1: Self-Portrait
00:11:46 - Photo #2: Skinheads
00:17:24 - The Small Town of Wick
00:22:35 - Tom Wood & Martin Parr
00:31:14 - Photo #3: The Kwik Save Couple
00:38:08 - Unfinished Business
00:39:55 - Why Documentary Photography is Important
00:41:58 - Photo #4: Joe Ainscough & Co.
00:48:51 - Photo #5: Laura Loush, the Italian Resistance
00:52:43 - Photo #6: Teddy Boy & the Dog
00:56:28 - Photo #7: Grandad and the Baby
01:04:44 - Rob's Preferred Camera Kit
01:08:29 - Photo #8: Margaret & Peggy Flemingham
01:16:34 - Photo #9: Lee Crumb Woz Here
01:19:45 - Rob's Lost Archive & The Future
01:25:33 - Outro



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