Former Detective Reveals Bio-Medical Tyranny In Australia with Evelyn Rae | EyesWideOpen #039

Former Detective Reveals Bio-Medical Tyranny In Australia with Evelyn Rae | EyesWideOpen #039

Evelyn Rae is a former Australian Police Detective who served in Law Enforcement for 12 years. Evelyn resigned from the Police just before Covid which caused some controversy after she revealed herself to be a secret blogger posting about her Christian faith and the fall of Western Civilisation.

This new freedom unleashed Evelyn who became one the most insightful Australian voices in the fight against Covid Tyranny. In this episode we learn what the role of government and the Police should be, how Godlessness has led us to this point and how we get out of this mess.


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00:00:00 - Intro

00:05:07 - Difficult Relationship with the Police

00:11:11 - Aussies blow their reputation as tough guys

00:22:47 - It feels good to be vindicated

00:26:32 - Godlessness and the road to hell

00:32:07 - They are afraid of Jesus

00:36:09 - Would Jesus have taken the vaccine

00:42:53 - The Ezekiel Declaration

00:51:08 - A new era of men.

00:57:39 - Save the Children; Homeschooling

01:04:35 - A civilisation in decline

01:09:40 - Food as a means of revolution

01:15:15 - Evelyn doxxes herself

01:24:08 - Evelyn leaves the police

01:27:47 - We need a conversation about the Police

01:39:35 - Outro



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