Raw Egg Nationalist | Lab-Grown Chicken & The Ozempic Fat Pen | #049

Raw Egg Nationalist | Lab-Grown Chicken & The Ozempic Fat Pen | #049

Part 1



Welcome back to another mind-blowing podcast with the phenomenal Raw Egg Nationalist. This fountain of knowledge is doing flawless work, mastering the human form and getting a generation hooked on raw eggs.

In Part 1, we discussed lab-grown chicken, plant-based sludge, obesity, and the Ozempic fat pen, along with shady dealings of big agriculture and big pharma. We also delve into the Great Reset and its twisted connections.

Part 2, takes us deeper, covering the migrant crisis surge, hidden numbers, and moving the third world to the West under a climate change smokescreen. We explore the great replacement, Tony Blair's U-turn, Spermageddon and Alex Jones' gay frogs. We wrap up with tips for boosting testosterone naturally.

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Twitter: @Babygravy9
Man's World Magazine: https://mansworldmag.online/
All his links: https://lnk.bio/RAWEGGNATIONALIST

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