The End of Men, Bio-Lenninsm and Tanning your Balls with Raw Egg Nationalist Ep.035

The End of Men, Bio-Lenninsm and Tanning your Balls with Raw Egg Nationalist Ep.035

Raw Egg Nationalist is the star of the recent Tucker Carlson documentary The End of Men, author of multiple books on health and fitness, and figurehead of the raw egg nationalism movement joins me for another episode of EyesWideOpen.

His latest book, "The Eggs Benedict Option", is the ultimate guide to the Great Reset plan for food, and how we can resist it and usher in a new pro-human future.

In this episode, we discuss REN’s appearance on Tucker, the online harassment the documentary has caused, how Doxxing is waning as a weapon, Bio-Leninism as an ideology destroying the West and a lot more.

Please enjoy!

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In case you missed it. Listen to my first Podcast with Raw Egg Nationalist in which we review his new book Eggs Benedict Option just before it was published.


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00:00:00    Intro
00:01:53  REN Featuring on Tucker Carlson’s Documentary “The End of Men”
00:07:45     Harassment Against REN and the Claremont Institute.
00:10:58     Doxxing doesn’t have the Power it Once Had.
00:13:27     Kanye’s Interview with Tucker Carlson.
00:16:06    What does “Right Wing” Mean?
00:20:29   Bio-Leninism or How Left-Wing Ideology Became Dominant
00:27:00   Corruption by Design.
00:30:35   The Coalition of Degenerates and the Acceptance of Nonces.
00:31:20   Egalitarian Hunter Gather Societies as Proto-Socialists.
00:41:50   A Return to Nature.
00:44:48  Supply Chain Dependencies vs  Decentralised Russian Agriculture.
00:49:31   Why War is so Expensive for Civilisation.
00:51:55   Planning for the Apocalypse
00:57:18   Nietzsche’s Übermensch

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