Heal Your Brain, Heal Your Gut with German New Medicine featuring Mike Merrill|#034

Heal Your Brain, Heal Your Gut with German New Medicine featuring Mike Merrill|#034

Alternative health practitioner, consultant and YouTuber with a best-selling gut healing course Mike Merrell, the (@healyourgutguy) Heal Your Gut Guy joins me for another episode of EyesWideOpen.

In this episode, we discuss the transformation journey Mike has undertaken; from being the man with all the supplements, protocols and restrictive diets to ditching this ideas and embracing German New Medicine, the paradigm shifting new model of Medicine created by Dr. Hamer.

German New Medicine explains cancer in a new light offering a radical analysis that claims cancer actually helps the body rather than hurts it.

Mike also recounts his time living in Ukraine and how he had to evacuate once the Russian tanks rolled in.

Please enjoy!

Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or on your favourite podcast platform. You can watch episode on YouTube here.

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Connect with Mike Merrill:

Website | YouTube | Instagram

MDMA treatment for Trauma

Show Notes

00:00:00 - Intro
00:02:00 - Mike's Origin Story & Owning the SEO for 'Gut' Searches
00:06:54 - Allopathic Butchers and Weston A. Price's Ideal Human Diet
00:15:41 - Mike's Heal Your Gut Internet Course
00:19:52 - The Carnivore Diet, Anti-Nutrients & Preparing Starches
00:24:31 - Rene Quinton's Seawater Therapy
00:30:31 - Origins of German New Medicine
00:44:52 - Mike Does a 180o on His Position
00:49:32 - GNM and Chronic Fatigue
00:55:07 - Mike's Story From the War in Ukraine
01:03:13 - War, Trauma and German New Medicine
01:08:10 - The 5 Biological Laws of German New Medicine
01:09:01 - No1. The Iron Law of Cancer
01:15:27 - No2. Every SBS runs in two phases
01:27:31 - No3. The Ontogenetic System of Tumors
01:34:30 - No4. Embryology
01:38:03 - Quintessence
01:40:07 - Making an Accurate Diagnosis
01:43:32 - The Future for Mike
01:46:30 - Trauma
01:47:28 - Outro


  • Dr. Harmer
  • Rene Quinton
  • Weston A. Price
  • Tom Cowen


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