Charting the Course: A Voyage through Sovereign Minds, Health Innovations, and Coastal Wonders

Charting the Course: A Voyage through Sovereign Minds, Health Innovations, and Coastal Wonders

Hello friend, welcome back to our weekly newsletter!

In this edition, we'll be covering various topics, from sovereignty and self-healing to my personal adventures and upcoming plans. As always, I'm excited to share these insights and experiences with you, hoping you find them engaging and enlightening.

We'll discuss my recent broadcasts on Rumble (as im still banned from YouTube), explore the concept of the Sovereign Mind, and touch on politics and constitutional rights. Additionally, I'll share my experiences with Darko Velcek's Self-Healing protocol and an exciting interview opportunity with Raw Egg Nationalist's magazine, Man's World.

So let's dive into this week's updates and discover the intriguing world of sovereignty, self-discovery, and personal liberation.

EWO Live News-stream

As you may know, we're currently unable to upload videos to YouTube for another week. However, that hasn't stopped us from creating insightful content for you! Our latest broadcasts can now be found on Rumble, where we continue to share thought-provoking discussions and engaging stories.

In one of our recent videos, I recount my experience at the Roger Waters concert in Lisbon, as well as address the issue of Dr. David Cartland's censorship, which led to my temporary YouTube ban. Make sure to check it out and join the conversation about the importance of free speech and expression in today's world.

The Sovereign Mind

In this week's episode, Stephen and I delve into the Oath system that contributed to England's greatness and how its misuse has resulted in a decline in trust towards our institutions and our nation. To rebuild trust, we must have confidence in those holding public office.

We also explore the use of legal trusts to safeguard your assets (starting with your body) from rogue individuals occupying public positions in our hijacked nation. Catch the episode on Rumble:

EyesWideOpen Podcast

On Friday, I interviewed Daddy Dragon, also known as Graham Moore, about the English Constitution party, sovereignty, and the concept of England as a republic. The episode isn't ready for release yet, but I'll send out an email with a link once it's available.

Things I Learned This Week

I have been steadfastly adhering to Darko Velcek's Self-Healing protocol, an extraordinary approach that harmoniously unites the teachings of some of the most esteemed healers of the past century. One notable breakthrough I've experienced has been the daily incorporation of plasma into my health regimen.

Yesterday, I managed to consume an impressive 6 liters of plasma, and the positive effects on my well-being are undeniable. While I typically consume only 4 liters, I recently discovered a technique that enabled me to increase my intake to 6 liters without any discomfort. Plasma, which is essentially water with the addition of sea salt, is a remarkably effective method for hydrating the body and flushing out harmful toxins that accumulate over time.

This powerful elixir not only promotes optimal hydration but also provides essential minerals and trace elements that support overall health and vitality. The simplicity of plasma makes it an easily accessible and practical solution for anyone looking to enhance their well-being.

To gain a deeper understanding of plasma and its numerous benefits, as well as to learn more about effective hydration strategies, I encourage you to explore this comprehensive article by Darko Velcek:

Incorporating plasma into your daily routine can be a transformative step towards achieving optimal health and well-being.

Man's World

In yet another fascinating turn of events, I recently had the distinct honor of being interviewed by Noor Bin Laden (Osama's niece) for Raw Egg Nationalist's magazine, Man's World. During our thought-provoking conversation, we delved into various topics, including my triumphant High Court Defamation victory back in 2016, the challenges and experiences of managing my pub amidst the Covid pandemic, and the essential elements required to cultivate a truly Sovereign mindset.

I'm really pleased with how the interview unfolded and look forward to share this insightful exchange with you. Man's World is slated to publish the piece in the second week of April, so be sure to keep an eye out for it in an upcoming newsletter.

Leaving Portugal

Today is my last day in Portugal, and I'll be traveling back to the UK tomorrow in my VW Transporter. Here's the route I plan to take:

I have five days before my ferry leaves so I can take my time and enjoy a scenic trip along Portugal's coast and across Spain to Bilbao. I might create some travel vlog/livestreams during my journey, so let me know if you'd like to see that.

Coming Up Next Week

Since I'll be traveling all week, I'm unsure if I'll have the opportunity to record or publish anything. We'll see how it goes.

Sovereign Mind Coaching

Throughout the years, I have empowered a multitude of individuals to claim their rights and take significant strides towards emancipation from the confines of the system. In response to the overwhelming demand for guidance and assistance, I have developed a comprehensive one-on-one Sovereign Mind coaching program designed for those who aspire to break free from the matrix but may feel uncertain about where to begin or find themselves stuck in their journey.

Drawing from 15 years of living independently and successfully navigating the system on both practical and philosophical levels, I have been instrumental in facilitating life-changing transformations for numerous individuals.

If you're reading this and grappling with legal challenges, debt issues, seeking business coaching, requiring assistance with asset protection, or in search of creative support, I encourage you to take advantage of a complimentary Sovereign Mind introduction call with me today.

Don't miss this opportunity to embark on the path towards true liberation. Click the link below to book your session and unlock your full potential.

Click the link below:

30 Minute Introduction Call - Laurence Easeman
Introduction call with Laurence.


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